Australia is currently on fire and there is no end in site. Summer has only just begun for us and have only just recovered from the massive floods in Townsville. Never a dull moment in history for us and 2020 has only just begun. In 2019 we had record breaking heatwaves unrepresented heat and record droughts. As I write this we are at an estimated 500 million (!!) animals dead because of the bush fires. Over 20 people have died and thousands of homes have burned to ground. The fires have spewed 2/3 of the nations national annual CO2 emissions, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The smoke has covered glaciers in distant New Zealand  making them warm and melt faster because of the albedo effect.

While our brave firefighters fight day and night to try save the homes and lives of people and animals there has been little to no political action yet taken. Our firefighters are working tirelessly and not been paid a cent while or PM is doing nothing about it as we still fail to make the connection between the climate crisis and increased extreme weather events and nature disasters like what we are experiencing now. How we are approaching this has to change and it has to change soon or it will only get worse. My thoughts are with the people of Australia and those affected by these devastating fires. Currently in NSW the total area burned is 3.41m hectares, according to the Rural Fire Service. The scale of the bushfires is “unprecedented” for this point in the season, RFS spokeswoman Angela Burford said. “To put it in perspective, in the past few years we have had a total area burned for the whole season of about 280,000 ha,” Burford said. “This year we’re at 3.41m and we are only halfway through the season.” Six people have died. The total number of houses destroyed currently sits at 829, but damage assessments of areas affected by the catastrophic conditions on Saturday are still under way and Burford said that number could increase by “up to 100”. The largest fire, Gospers Mountain, has reached 488,174ha. Conditions in NSW are expected to worsen again at the end of the week. Firefighters are conducting back burns in the Blue Mountains to protect property for when the fire flares up again.

Infinity are always about helping people in need and right now this is our priority. In the time of these fires we have vowed to donate all profits from our whole shop ( Minus Charity Specific T-Shirts ) to go towards the firefighters fighting the fires. All money made from our shirts will go directly here.


Money we have raised through our store donating ALL PROFITS from our products to these organisations.


Raised For Fire Fighters


Raised For Australian Wild Life

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