While we are not paper qualified experts or scientists these are some tips that will definitely help you or your family and maybe trigger some questions in your mind to go ask some people some questions that you might not have thought of. In light of this Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is best to follow advice about the sitatuion from your local authorites/government. They are working effortlesly to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Its also strongly advised that you do not over panic and buy a lot of stock etc. Being in Australia we only account for 15% of our products being imported which means we are all homegrown which means we aren’t running out of food any time soon. Also when you overstock on products your affecting families with kids who are stuck living paycheck to paycheck to feed their family. So please be mindful of what you’re doing in light of this pandemic as overreacting is more dangerous than not reacting and the virus itself. Continue life as normal as its not the end of the world in spite of Everything getting cancelled. Soon restaurants/ cinemas and non essential shops will close. Domestic airlines will scale right down and our border will be fully closed. I expect a lockdown for the country of some description it’s just a matter of when. Some stores will remain open such as chemists and supermarkets but they will have a system like Italy where you go in one at a time. This in not a time panic but people will. We as a country need to stop the spread to protect the vulnerable. We just need to be ready for it.

If you want to no everything about the virus please follow this link: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses#:~:text=symptoms

Working From Home:

1: Create A Schedule & Stick to it

2: Communicate more often through mobile. You can’t walk to your boss/clients now so call’s and messages are your now go-to means of contact

3: If your a stay at home parent, you need to set the boundaries with children. E.G Mum/Dad works from 9 am to 11 am we will play from 11 am till 1 pm and then I have to work till 4 pm

4: Take Breaks, working from home allows you to forcibly work longer and harder then you might realise.

5: Alternate Shifts with your partner. You working morning, your partner works evening.

Parents with kids:

1: Ring your school and see if they can email you some school work to do from home for your children or find some online curriculum to keep educating your child’s mind relevant to your age.

2: If your city goes into lockdown and you’re stuck in the house. Stockpile up on stuff you don’t like having because it can cause chaos in the house, such things as your kids having Slime, Painting, drawing stuff, messy arts and crafts.

3: It’s going to get stressful and kids will eat a lot more food being stuck in a house and “bored” acknowledge this fact early, acknowledge your house is going to become a little messier because of this. Do not overthink it and do not stress. Noone is coming around lol we are all (maybe) locked in our houses as well.

4: Create a routine, its important to keep normality as much as possible. Turn painful dry chores into fun games.

5: Listen to music binge-watch favorite shows. It’s going to be your escape from reality.


Being locked in the house doesn’t mean I don’t have to shower for 3 days. When my daughter was going through life-saving heart surgery it was vital that we kept our hygiene good as we were going into an area where there were kids on life support and vulnerable to infections/viruses and we also knew that we had to look and feel our best so we could give our daughter the right energy and confidence through the hard times, she needed to know that everything was going to be ok and if we looked and felt out best she could see/sense that.

1: Bathe regularly. Wash your body and your hair often. 

2: Brush and floss. Your mouth hygiene is linked to your heart health and the rest of your body.

3: Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Regularly, especially if you have to go out.

4: Sleep tight. Keep your regular sleeping patterns in check, don’t get lazy with that. Good sleep = good mental health. If your consistently tired your mind finds it harder to deal with stress and then it’s a slow downward spile from there.

5: Face Masks. Face masks the ones you are chasing are N95 rating. However, this doesn’t stop viruses from entering your body. This stops you from spreading whatever you have to others. It does reduce the chances but not completely. You still need to keep up with other hygiene practices as well.

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