Shop infinity is a clothing brand that has been created to use the profits made from our merchandise and apparel to make an impact on other peoples lives.

Our mission

Shop infinity is passionate about helping others in need. We use our profits from our merchandise and apparel to make an impact on other peoples lives in stead of our pockets. It is our mission to make as many people smile through random acts of kindness, fun challenges, fun events and donating to charities. Everyone deserves a smile and should feel special everyday.

Our values

Shop Infinity loves seeing the smiles on peoples faces after doing what we do best. We hold our-self to some strong core values that will see us through the rough times and the fun times which is treating people with respect, upholding our-self with integrity and treating others how you would like to be treated. We are out to make an impact on other peoples lives.


Supporting McHappy Day - NOV 2019

What a great way to start our journey. Nov 16, 2019 we are proudly supporting McHappy Day. Today we show our support by buying a Big Mac meal to support this wonderful charity known as the Ronald McDonald House. The inspiration and motivation behind Shop Infinity is very closely related to this organisation.

In 2017 we had almost lost our very own daughter to a sever heart condition that needed immediate life saving heart surgery and we had to lean on this organisation to help us when we were thousands of kilometres away from home supporting her through her ordeal.

Because of our own daughters condition and us having to lean on people we wanted to give back to the greater community by using our profits from our apparel to help those in need like we had to be helped when we were in need. Everyone deserves a chance and a smile put on their face.


Infinity is all about making an impact on the wider community. We are continually trying to find ways to grow and spread our message. Part of this message is creating stylish clothing that’s designated to specific charities.

The reason we do this is so you know that the tee that’s purchased is linked directly to that cause and that profits will go to helping that charity and everyone else it effects through that charity. Infinity is about making a positive impact in as many ways possible and our reach is not limited to random acts of kindness among the community it is everywhere.

If you are interested on knowing our cause please read the blogs to see the stories behind the tee’s linked to the charities. So far we have made Soldier On Australia Related Tee’s, Ronald McDonald House and HeartKids.


Hey guys and welcome to our latest blog, today we will discuss what an amazing experience we had meeting Pastor Dale and Donna from “The Shack Community Centre” on the Sunshine Coast which acts as a  drop-in centre which is used by dozens of homeless people and disadvantaged youth every day with people calling in for a shower, breakfast or a hot lunch.

Infinity aim to help as many people as possible and is not limited to anyone and we do not discriminate on any circumstance and The Shack is being added to our list which we will continue to support. We have so far donated profits from our apparel to HeartKids AustraliaNSW Wildlife FoundationNSW Rural Fire Service and now The Shack. We will strive to continue to raise awareness for these organisations and will continue to support them were we can as often as we can and continue to help make an impact in a positive way.