Hey guys and welcome to our latest blog, today we will discuss what an amazing experience we had meeting Pastor Dale and Donna from “The Shack Community Centre” on the Sunshine Coast which acts as a  drop-in centre which is used by dozens of homeless people and disadvantaged youth every day with people calling in for a shower, breakfast or a hot lunch.

Infinity aim to help as many people as possible and is not limited to anyone and we do not discriminate on any circumstance and The Shack is being added to our list which we will continue to support. We have so far donated profits from our apparel to HeartKids Australia, NSW Wildlife Foundation, NSW Rural Fire Service and now The Shack. We will strive to continue to raise awareness for these organisations and will continue to support them were we can as often as we can and continue to help make an impact in a positive way.

It was the 24th of Jan 2020, I had woken up early morning and full of nerves as for today I was about to meet Dale and Donna from “The Shack” to hear their story and get to share ours. We had a tub full of long-life food and a bag full of clothes ready to donate sitting in the back of the car ready to go. This generous donation was mustered up from the profits of our apparel and the Infinity Family. I had jumped in the car and started to head off to “The Shack”. I must admit though, I got lost trying to get there even with GPS. Maybe I should listen to the GPS directions better.

Upon arriving it was very welcoming, it felt like a safe atmosphere and a great area to be in. After arriving, Dale and Donna pulled me up into their office and we got talking. We shared inspiring stories, motivating stories and had a good laugh with each other and I got to know Dale and Donna on a personal level and a little about their family. They even got to pull a few tears out of my eyes when we talked about our precious daughter Iylah which is our biggest motivator behind Infinity.

After sitting down with Dale and Donna and hearing and seeing what The Shack does and getting to know them on a personal level you can definitely see how much heart and effort they put into the community they have created over the 20 years of operation and just how much it means to them. It shows on both a personal level and a professional level which I really loved seeing. Infinity really wanted to connect with an organisation like this as getting on a personal level is really what we are about, and this is exactly what “The Shack” does. Not only do you get to lighten their day up through a good conversation and really appreciating the person you are helping as an individual, but you also get to do it through donations and gifts. Just because someone is homeless or in need, they do not deserve to be treated any less of a human as you and I.

After spending a good 1 hr to and 1 ½, I really felt this place is where I want our brand to help a lot. Not only are the people that operate “The Shack” amazing they also have made great use of the facility they have and turned it into something that works amazingly. They have a commercial kitchen as they cook up a storm of free food for the people of the community, a dining area for the homeless and people in need to eat at, they have a storage room full of food and free clothes sitting on the bench ready to grab for those in need. The list goes on. The amount of support and help they provide at The Shack is amazing.

They have really set “The Shack” up for success. Their whole method of operation looked amazing. What they do for the community was second to none, and they really connected on a personal level, but they also didn’t discriminate anyone, they treated you like a human and a friend and nothing less.

I am grateful I got to spend time with Dale and Donna from “The Shack” today and I hope to continue working with you guys in the near future and building up a long-term friendship with you guys. The Shack is a Not for Profit organisation that relies on the support from local businesses and churches and we will continue to support you.

If you would like to no more about them here is some links for you to visit;

The Shacks Main Website: https://www.theshackcommunitycentre.com.au/
About The Shack: https://www.theshackcommunitycentre.com.au/about/
How To Donate To The Shack: https://www.theshackcommunitycentre.com.au/donations/

Money we have raised through our store donating ALL PROFITS from our products to these organisations.


Raised For Fire Fighters


Raised For Australian Wild Life

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